Building your Business on eBay – Beyond the Basics

With Building your Business on eBay, you’ll learn how to:

  • Start and/or grow an eBay-based business
  • Choose the right listing format
  • Create compelling listings
  • Use eBay listing tools
  • Market your business on eBay
  • Manage your listings
  • Source, pack and ship inventory

This course does not cover any information from the Basics of Selling course. It does not provide instruction in how to register as a seller, how to create a listing or how to make choices in creating a listing. That’s all in the Basics of Selling Course. You need to have sold items successfully to participate successfully in this course.

Many people make the mistake of thinking they know all the basics. Almost nobody really does. Even me. (Actually I do know one person — she has a genius IQ and a photographic memory.)

This course is for people who are serious about building an ongoing Business using eBay as a platform. This course begins with the fundamentals of Starting a Business: Setting Goals, Sourcing Merchandise, Marketplace Research and Developing Your Business Strategy. The course then continues through selling formats and strategies and then shifts focus to cost control and operational efficiencies. Finally there are sections on promoting your online business and managing your business with automated tools.

Even though the topics of this course can be complex and dry, this course covers everything simply and thoroughly.

As part of the course you’ll receive a Student Workbook that has every slide in the presentation, expanded explanations on many things, helpful appendices and plenty of room on every page and in the back for taking your own notes. You can’t buy these books in any bookstore.