Selling Basics for the New Seller

With the Basics of Selling on eBay, you’ll learn how to:

  • Become an eBay seller
  • Do research and create listings
  • Improve your listings with better descriptions and photography
  • Set pricing
  • Open and use a PayPal account
  • Monitor your listings
  • Complete transactions

Many people make the mistake of thinking they know all the basics. Almost nobody really does. Even me. (Actually I do know one person — she has a genius IQ and a photographic memory.) But this course covers most everything simply and thoroughly. Even if you are already selling successfully on eBay — even if you have for awhile — you’ll get your money’s worth out of this course. It begins by showing you how to set up your accounts and goes through conducting your business efficiently and safely on eBay. Plus you’ll get value from my years of experience. I can even tell you about how I recently avoided a $1000+ fraud, and the steps necessary to avoid the same situation.

As part of the course you’ll receive a Student Workbook that has every slide in the presentation, expanded explanations on many things, helpful appendices and plenty of room on every page and in the back for taking your own notes. You can’t buy these books in any bookstore.