Course Descriptions

I currently offer two courses and in the Summer, 2012, will offer a third course.

All courses are developed by professional educators specializing in adult and corporate training. This group works with eBay executive staff and employees to insure that material is kept up-to-date, is clear, is accurate and meets the goals of the course.

Courses are taught through a network approximately 500 Education Specialists worldwide. None of the individuals in this network are employees of eBay. We are all independent contractors licensed to deliver the courses face-to-face. There are licensing restrictions which prevent these courses from being offered online or via telephone.

The books accompanying the courses are developed by the same educator team mentioned above, working eBay employees and members of the Education Specialist team to insure the materials are comprehensive, accurate, and provide expansion on the standard course content. These books are available to Education Specialists for distribution to students only. They cannot be purchased at your local bookstore or on Amazon.

The official eBay courses are:

  • Selling Basics (currently scheduled)
  • Building Your Business on eBay (currently scheduled)
  • eBay Stores (first availability August 2012)

In addition to these courses, consulting services are available. Contact me for specifics.