One wrong button push and… POOF!

Yes, it was one of those HECKY DARN! moments after I pushed the button to copy something from my computer to my recently revamped and revived website.

It was almost ready to go… I pushed the button… and then…

An innocent query appears on the screen…

Folder already exists… do you want to replace?

I should have known better, because a folder by that name should not have been on my webserver. But yes, it was late. But yes, I was tired. But yes, I wanted to get some well-deserved shut-eye.

So I pushed the YES button.

And the computer whirred, and churned, and gronked, and wheezed, and went on and on until — until I realized what was happening. And then, I had this thought in the back of my head “Something must be going wrong here!” So I looked… and what should have been there was no longer. Instead was the contents of the folder I wanted to update. EVERYTHING ELSE WAS GONE!

So, I have been rebuilding this website from scratch, which is why it looks a little rough.

It should be finished in a couple of days.

And everything should be back into shape.

Until then, please be patient.



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